mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Alcatel Lucent - Q2 Operating seen at -85 millions

Alcatel Lucent is poised to publish an Operating Loss of 85 millions euros for the Q2 period versus a profit of 93 millions a year earlier, according to ZoneFinance Consensus, based on 9 analysts contributions. Sales are expected at 3,844 millions, Adjusted Gross Margin is seen at 32,1 percent and Net result at -343 millions.

France Telecom - H1 Ebitda expected at 8,626 millions

France Telecom reports H1 results on Thursday. Average figure in ZoneFinance Consensus, based on 9 contributions, are : 25,535 millions euros for revenues, 8,626 millions for Ebitda, 4,887 millions for Ebit, 2,396 millions for Net, 2,828 millions for Capex and 3,695 millions for Organic Free Cash Flow.

EDF - H1 Ebitda expected at 10,064 millions euros

EDF publishes it H1 results on Thursday. According to ZoneFinance Consensus, based on 12 contributions, analysts expect revenues of 35,975 millions, Ebitda of 10,064 millions, Ebit of 6,281 millions and net of 2,875 millions.

mardi 2 juin 2009

Bouygues : Q1 2009 Operating down at 174 millions euros

Bouygues reported on Tuesday Ebitda of 506 millions euros versus 696 millions for its First Quarter, with 348 millions vs 379 millions for Bouygues Telecom. The group published Operating of 174 millions vs 387 millions (o/w 201 millions vs 229 millions for Telecoms, -12 millions vs 99 millions for TF1, 57 millions vs 75 millions for Construction, -115 millions vs -60 millions for Colas and 42 million vs 50 millions for Immobilier). Bouygues reported Net profit attributable of 159 millions vs 224 millions.
Average figures in ZoneFinance Consensus, based on 8 contributions,  were 554 millions euros for total Ebitda, 366 millions for Bouygues Telecom Ebitda, 211 millions for Operating Income (o/w 204 millions for Telecom, -13 millions for TF1, 72 millions for Construction, -89 millions for Colas, 44 millions for Immobilier) and 158 millions for Net Attributable.

mardi 12 mai 2009

EDF - Q1 Revenues at 21,106 million euros

EDF reported on Tuesday Q1 Revenues of 21,106 millions euros versus 18,345 millions (o/w 11,224 millions vs 10,666 millions for France, 3,298 millions vs 2,198 millions for United Kingdom, 2,236 millions vs 2,025 millions for Germany, 1,608 millions vs 1,412 millions for Italy, 899 millions vs 800 millions for Other International and 1,841 millions vs 1,244 millions for Other Activities.
Average Figures in ZoneFinance Consensus, based on 10 contributions, were 20,110 millions for Total Revenues, o/w 11,118 millions for France, 3,028 millions for UK, 2,186 millions for Germany, 1,597 millions for Italy, 2,042 millions for Rest of Europe and 149 millions for Rest of the World.

dimanche 10 mai 2009

Veolia - Q1 Ebitda at 1,059 millions euros

Veolia Environnement reported on Thursday Q1 Revenues of 9,267 millions euros versus 8,913.7 millions (o/w 3,142.7 millions vs 2,879.0 millions for Water, 2,226.4 millions vs 2,415.9 millions for Waste, 2,398.5 millions vs 2,205.8 millions for Energy and 1,499.4 millions vs 1,422.0 millions for Transport). The group published an Ebitda of 1,059.3 millions vs 1,134.4 millions and a Recurring Operating Income 622.7 millions vs 697.6 millions.
Average Figures in ZoneFinance Consensus, based on 9 contributions, were 9,051 millions euros for total revenues, with 3,039 millions for Water, 2,168 millions for Waste,  2,351 millions for Energy Services and 1,488 millions for Transport. Analysts were expecting 1,033 millions for Ebitda and 595.7 millions for Recurring Operating Income.

mercredi 6 mai 2009

Iliad - Q1 Revenues at 482 millions euros

Iliad reported on Wednesday First Quarter Revenues of 482 millions euros versus 340 millions and Net adds of 142,000 for Free brand.
Average Figures in ZoneFinance Consensus, based on 7 contributions, were 480 millions euros for Revenues and 111,600 for Net Adds for Free brand.